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April 03, 2015 07:50 AM PDT
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Poet Noah Blaustein flirts with love and danger on the Georgia Poetry Circuit. In the tradition of beat protest poetry, these verses cajole and awaken mind and senses. Music by The National. Q & A session about the writing process. IMAGE: Ansell Adams, Yosemite.

Harlem Renaissance- BANJO PLAYER & FDR DIME
October 29, 2013 12:51 PM PDT
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Harlem Renaissance- BANJO LESSON& FDR DIME COIN: We celebrate the African American artists: Henry O. Tanner and Selma Burke. These two New Renaissance artists created masterworks well known to everyone with a dime coin in their pocket, or an ear to banjo music- and perhaps a desire for a banjo lesson. H.O Tanner journey to Paris to escape turn of century segregation. Selma Burke won a New Deal Art contest to design a bas relief sculpture portrait profile of President F. D. Roosevelt for our dime coin. Enjoy the blues music of Odetta and new voice Jim Cook. ARTWORK: Portrait by artist Mari Scott

Mardi Gras Around the World
March 09, 2013 09:16 AM PST

Lenten meanings: through global celebration from New Orleans Mardi Gras to German Fashing Nacht to Carnivale in Rio De Janario, Brazil- South America. Traditions merge across three continents around the world. Make your samba move with lesson by Lanier Dance Club. Enjoy music with a Latin beat, as well as Polka, and Russian folk song. Discover the connection of a mysterious dragon and creative egg decoration. HUMOR: The word LENT is mistaken by children as the word LINT- so our own Ron Wells invented a hilarious radio theater story with sound effects about a journey in space to Planet Lint. Hear the young voice of talented 4th Grader Omelio. ART IMAGE: Portrait in profile by Atlanta photographer Mario Bazan.

Black History- Underground RR & Afro- inventions
February 23, 2013 09:50 AM PST

Learn from Living History re-enactment radio theater of a courageous woman- Harriet Tubman. Hear how she led this secret network of safe-houses that created the Underground Railroad to provide a journey to freedom. Story and song reveal how music of Negro Spirituals- made a code to guide dangerous passage to the Northern free states and Canada. Black History has more secrets! Be amazed how many useful tools you use every day at your house were invented by black inventors and scientists. Program presented by Andre Cheek, Eddie Walker, and Ron Wells. Artwork- Bronze Sculpture original expression by Jane Dedecker, on view at Brenau University Library, Gainesville, GA.

LOVE: Valentines & Presidents!
February 16, 2013 08:19 AM PST

We celebrate LOVE with guest host Hillary Gronas and her friend & mentor storyteller Sister Susan Ancaro. STRETCH with Yoga Heart Opener pose taught by creative artist Marsha Richter. Presidents Day features: Poetry of the Lincoln Gettysburg Address; and philosophy- BIG IDEAS- words of wisdom from our recent U.S. presidents. LOVELY Music by Cliff Rubin of Ashville, N. C. IMAGE: POP art- LOVE by Robert Indiana.

ASIA: Inventions of China- Tai Chi and Yoga.
February 09, 2013 10:38 AM PST
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ASIA CULTURE...Inventions of China; Storyteller Ron Wells presents "The Boy who drew cats!". Features: Tai Chi exercise taught by Dottie Murray- Stroke the Peacock's Tail. Creativity: How to HAIKU? Poetry by Rosemary Malinson. Special honor: 2011 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Chinese advocate of democracy. Traditional music of Japan and Korea. BIG IDEA: BALANCE- Yoga Tree Pose by Emilie Cook of Celestial Studios. ART IMAGE- Original bamboo brush painting of bouquet of tulips, by Mari Scott.

Groundhog Day
August 27, 2013 07:29 AM PDT

Sometimes called "whistle pig",woodchuck is known by a Native American name "wojeck" , and revered as sacred in another creation story. To wake up our sleepyhead we sing "Freres Jacques" in many languages: French, Spanish, and English. Warm up your vocal chords with a singing lesson by voice coach Lauren Lane Powell. ARTIST Betty Laws Smith teaches how to cut a paper snowflake. Enjoy a humorous readers theater authored by Harriet Woodcock, founder of North East Georgia Writers Club. This puppet show is a popular TEAM ARTS production each mid-winter in our neighborhood schools and youth centers. Photo: Groundhog & dozens of cousins see their shadow.

Martin Luther King: Nobel Peace Prize - Human Rights Worldwide
January 19, 2013 09:59 AM PST

PEACE PRIZE: We honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with annual historic march re-enactment in Gainesville, Georgia. The Newtown Florist Club relates the life and times of our Nobel Peace Prize award winning patriot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , marching... MLK aspired to the non-violent tactics of Mahatmas Gandhi to forge a trail of freedom for all Americans as a cause of global human rights through inter-faith cooperation. Narration presented by Andre Cheek and Reverend Rose Johnson. Stories by people who marched with King. African American Spiritual Freedom songs by Patrice Westbrook and Kadeisha Hollis. Essay by Marquell Woodard. ART IMAGE: PEACE Bag by Mavis Stevens - weaver of Budford, GA

BUNNY HOP! Puppetry arts on radio? Visual Thinking!
January 12, 2013 10:54 AM PST

BUNNY HOP- Salute to public transportation; Mixing it up at the bus stop.
Puppetry arts on radio? That’s visual thinking! Readers Theater with rhyme and reason makes a puppet show to take a trip around our town on Hall Area Transit- to ride the local Red Rabbit. Dance: do the Bunny Hop. Poetry about people of all walks of life at the bus stop from President Obama Inauguration, 2009. SPECIAL MUSIC Feature: the Quaker tune "Simple Gifts" played three times, three ways. The velvet voice of storyteller author Louis Gibbs presents the book by Harriet Faye Woodcock, one of the founders of Northeast Georgia Writers Club, www.negawriters.org; Hall Area Transit http://www.gainesville.org/hall-area-transit. ART IMAGE: Funny Bunny Balloon by Seattle roving magician Sam Chamberlain.

EPIPHANY! Ah Ha - moment of creativity
January 05, 2013 08:23 AM PST

EPIPHANY! It's that "AH HA" moment of creative realization; a word with double meaning. Readers Theater: “Camel Caravan” by Barbara Harper; voices from a past journey inspire adventure today.Poetry for epiphany penned by Mildred Greear as told by storyteller Sybil Barker; and another poem by Marianne Scott. Did you know ? children around the world who observe Three Kings Day on January 6- wait until then for a Santa surprize. Music features with a Latin beat: Montana Skies give a “Lift” of jazz-classical fusion via cello/guitar duo. Dharma Bums offer "Bliss.” From Buford Georgia, Robert O’Brian plays a solo piano jazz tune called “Peligro”. Youngsters at Lakeview Academy sing a song about audience etiquette to prepare listeners for a concert. ART IMAGE: original by Rastafarian Abdul Kareem Harris.

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